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There are 4559 restaurants
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Nhà Hàng Nướng Brazil Rio Churrascaria
88/100 (440 ratings)
Nhà hàng
Kiểu Brazil
Kiểu Ý
Đồ nướng
Thịt nướng
Nhà hàng bít tết
Bữa tối
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Thịt cừu
"Mind-blowingly good food, the meat just melts in your mouth. I highly recommend this, the best one I've been to. The staff here are also really..."
Luke Drofsab
"Very good experience and food. Lovely staff and excellent meats and salads made our night memorable. I’d happily go again and recommend anyone who..."
Will Jackson
"Great food, great serving style, great cooks. A great dinner with my family. Will definitely recommend this place to others, for a genuine Brazilian..."
Hoang Pham
"I have to say this is so far the best Brazilian BBQ I've gone to so far. Everything was cooked perfectly and delicious. They had a nice variety of..."
Susan Li
"Great atmosphere very good service and food delicious authentic flavor of..."
Danni Gustavo
"Incredible food! Excellent service. Overall a fantastic dining experience. Perfect for a romantic dinner, business lunch or family celebration! Will..."
Dave Billinge
"Great place for dinner:) you should be here 1 time in your life. everything is so good. will come..."
Nguyễn Hoàng
"I like the food here especially beefsteak. The service is friendly i love..."
Kim Loc
"I went here with my friends and we all lovedquality of the beef, friendly staffs are fantastic! We will surely come..."
Ngoc Tran
"The best one in the city, as far as I..."
Gaveau Patrick
"Amazing Brazilian taste. The restaurant is beautiful, the staffs are nice, the food is extremely..."
Nguyen Jane
"thích . phong cách phục vụ chuyên nghiệp đồ ăn rất..."
Nguyễn Văn Thảo
"Very good delicious food and fast and wonderful..."
Ellen Aguiar
"The only authentic Brazilian BBQ in Saigon Great quality done by Brazilian chefs Staff really friendly and..."
Filipe Vigario